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Journal of Drug Toxicology and Pharmacology

The Journal of Drug Toxicology and Pharmacology is an open access journal which focuses on publishing novel and quality research articles in the field of Drug discovery and toxicology. The Journal enables free access to its contents, which attracts more readers and citation.

A disease causes abnormal biochemical and cellular changes, to resolve these abnormalities on specific site targets, different compounds can be designed. These compounds are called Drugs. Drugs go through trials that are conducted (on animals and human) to validate it. There are many diverse field of study that come together in the study of Pharmacology and toxicology such as Drug Design, Drug Metabolism, Drug Stability, Drug Targeting, Drug Development Research, Preclinical Drug Development, Phases of Drug Development, Herbal Drug Development, Toxicity Analysis, Toxicology, Clinical Trials, Drug Screening and Toxicology Screening.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Dr. Yoshitsugu Akiyama

Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Dr. Yoshifumi Saisho

Keio University School of Medicine Tokyo, Japan

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Research Topics

• Cardiovascular pharmacology
• Cancer pharmacology
• Molecular and cellular pharmacology
• Drug screening
• Forensic toxicology
• Environmental toxicology
• Pharmacoepidemiology studies
• Reproductive toxicity
• Toxicological screening
• Clinical pharmacology
• Chemotherapy drugs
• Adverse reaction
• Pharmacognosy
• Pharmacogenomics

Editorial office

Journal of Drug Toxicology and Pharmacology

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