Why publish with us

Open Access journals are the optimal platform for the publication of your research enabling you to reach the widest available audience of scientific professionals in your field of expertise. Publication in our journals means that your research articles will be available for free access online being immediately citable. Clyto Access' journals offer a high quality peer-review system, highly-professional scientific copyediting, DOI assignment, and submission to many online directories and databases. We are committed to provide professional yet personal service, first and foremost to our publishing authors. We believe in combining a traditional spirit of publishing with the opportunities available to us in today’s digital environment.

Here are just some of the benefits we provide:


All journals are fully open access. Authors may archive pre-print and post-print versions of their articles for the purpose of self-archiving or deposit.


For most of our journals, articles are published in their final form within 18 days after acceptance, provided your quick response to the editor and reviewer suggestions/comments.


Our marketing team engages with each individual article published, to reach as many potential readers as possible through social marketing.


Articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This means that you are asked to grant permission to others to download, re-use, share or adapt your work as long as the original source is cited.


Our production process follows a high standard to ensure quality publications. All articles are submitted to high level language editing and full copy-editing, as well as being processed through QC process, to ensure authenticity. No article is published without the Editor and Author’s final approval.


Author’s can track the progress of their articles throughout the whole process (submitted, with handling editor, with reviewers, initial decision, authors revising, re-submitted, editorial decision, status of the article) using our secure online system.


Authors retain the copyright to their work. When authors retain the copyrights to their work, they are allowed unlimited use and/or distribution of their work without any form of restriction.


Trendy articles are highlighted and shown on the journals' and publishers homepage. This usually adds valuable exposure to the articles. International readership: Articles submitted to our journals are being accessed from over the globe providing equal opportunity to all the researchers of all the countries.


Once we receive your article and assign a main editor, you can contact our Managing Editor through email and be assured of a rapid, friendly, and helpful answer.