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A Study on Knowledge and Awareness of Male Students of the College of Applied Medical Science at Taif University

Dr. Rana Ghazi Zaini,
Taif University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Rana Ziani is a specialist of Cell Biology & Cancer Research. She has received her PhD degree in Hematology in 2013 and MSc in Pathological Sciences in 2008 from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She has served as an Assistant Professor in Ministry of health, Saudi Arabia. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in College of Applied Medical Sciences at Taif University, Saudi Arabia. She has received "The Saudi Culture Bureau awards" and a prize for the highest achieving Saudi PhD student in 2013.

Objective: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was identified in 1981, among homosexuals in the United State of America, since that time more than 60 million individuals were living with this disorder. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the causative agent of AIDS that has no cure at present. The level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the attitudes toward patients are crucial factors in eradicating the disease.
Methods: A cross-sectional study has been conducted for a period of two months and 155 undergraduate male students in the College of Applied Medical Sciences at Taif University participated in the study. The study aimed to assess their scientific knowledge, awareness and attitude.
Results: the survey results showed that more than half of the participants did not know the relation between AIDS and HIV and low awareness level toward the modes of HIV transmission was observed. For example 54% of students were not aware that coughing and spitting could not transmit the infection. However, many students were aware of the link between toilet seat used by a person with AIDS and HIV infection and between sharing cloths with AIDS patients and HIV with 81% and 83% respectively. Negative attitude towards HIV/AIDS persons was seen in the majority of participants.
Conclusion: This study is the first of its kind to be conducted among undergraduate male students at Taif University, and brought into limelight some important issues in relation to AIDS. This study concluded that, these students need to be more aware about HIV transmission modes and protection methods, which can be achieved by enhancing their knowledge about HIV.

Published: 05 May 2017