Conference Proceeding

Study and characterization of thin films of Sno2: F

Ms. Kelthoum Khammar,
Optoelectronic Engineer, Algeria

Kelthoum Khammar she is an optoelectronic engineer, she did her master in applied photonics, preparing the PhD university of Algeria, her research encompasses deposit of thin films for photo voltaic application, Nano techniques, designed optical lasers, and investigated the theoretical and experimental features of various quantum effects. Furthermore, studying how many different subjects fit together in a coherent physical picture.

The present work reports a further study; of an experimental deposition of thin films produced by spraying a solution of SnO2 / F from dechlorinate dimethyl tin and hydrofluoric acid. This study is based on the mechanical characterization of layers of tin dioxide doped with fluorine by mechanical processes such as atomic force microscopy, and X-ray diffraction, and measure the hardness of its layers using a microhardness tester. The first part is to study the general morphology of the layers of SnO2: F deposited on a normal glass substrate, this study allows us to deduce the influence of some parameters on the roughness of the deposit. In the second part of this work we have characterized our samples by X-ray diffraction; this technique allows us to measure the crystallite size and deduct plans crystallization of SnO2: F. In the last part, we measured the hardness of thin films using a microhardness tester, and by comparing these results with the hardness of the substrates, we noted that the deposition of layers of SnO2 increased the hardness of glass in a remarkable way.

Published: 27 April 2017