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Stomach Stem Cells: From Basic Biology to Tissue Engineering

Prashanth Saseedharan ,
UAE University

Prashanth Saseedharan is a Medical Research Specialist at the Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University. He obtained his BSc in Biotechnology from the Bharathiar University, India and completed his MSc degree from the University of Sussex, UK in Genetic Engineering and Molecular cell biology.

The wall of the stomach body contains numerous tubular glands lined by a heterogeneous population of cells producing mucus, acid, pepsinogen and various hormones/peptides. By using electron microscopy combined with 3H-thymidine radio autography, these cells were found to undergo continuous renewal by mitotic stem cells centrally located in each gland. These stem cells are few and difficult to isolate. Recently, we have used a gastric stem cell line established from a genetically engineered mouse to generate two working models of gastric tissue engineering. First, we fabricated micro fibrous scaffolds using polycaprolactone and found it compatible not only for the growth of gastric stem cells, but also for their differentiation into mucous cells. Second, we used the hanging drop method to culture the gastric stem cells and found that they are capable of forming spheres that can grow further when transferred onto the surface of agarose. These studies will provide some basis for gastric tissue engineering that can hopefully help in mucosal transplantrepair of stomach damage due to ulcer development or cancer resection.(Supported by UAEU research funds)

Published: 28 April 2017