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Soil Carbon Sequestration: An Innovative Way to Mitigate Global Warming

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Climate change is the global environmental concern since past decades. The global climate change i.e., the emission of GHGs, rise in mean sea level and global warming, are accelerating due to overexploitation of natural resources that further disturbed the natural ecological system. Therefore, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 is increasing at the rate of millions of ton per year. The soil and plants are the natural carbon sink which plays a vital role in regulating carbon cycle in the environment. Currently, carbon sink in soil has drastically been disturbed due to anthropogenic practices by both agricultural and development purposes and caused a huge amount of biodiversity loss. Traditional agricultural practices had dramatically increased the amount of atmospheric CO2 in last few decades due to the burning of crop residues, deforestation, and inefficient land-use pattern. To improve the condition, this paper emphasizes on anecological approach to rehabilitation of carbon through innovative methods such as the use of artificial trees, geotherapy, plant-microbe interaction and bio-energy crops.

Published: 08 November 2017


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