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Selection of Efficient Salt Tolerant Bacteria and Isolation of Ectb Gene from Marine Source


Salinity, everlasting threat to crop growth and production worldwide. Soil salinity is becoming a more acute problem, primarily because of declining irrigation water quality. Ectoine is one of the most abundant osmolytes in nature which is commonly found in extremely heterotrophic Eubacteria. In bacteria synthesis of ectoine is catalyzed by proteins encoded by the ectA, ectB and ectC genes. ectB codes for 2, 4 - diaminobutyric acid transaminase which is involved in the mechanisms of osmotic adjustment of the plant cells. Hence, salinity is considered to be a major constraint to crop production. Present study was aimed at selection and isolation of ectB gene from marine sources and further uses it for development of salinity tolerant crop plants.

Published: 08 November 2017


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