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Role of ademolus Classification of Hypoglycemia (ACH) in blood glucose and Diabetes Mellitus management

Dr. Adegbenga B. Ademolu

Diabetes mellitus is syndromes that antedate the existence of Hippocrates and has transcend successive generation of mankind till the present age with the potential to be perpetual in human race. It’s prevalence has increased in Africa, America, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Southern Asia and Eastern pacific (China) with an alarming quadruple projection in prevalence by the year 2030 compared to 35 years earlier. Driving factors for the Diabetes epidemic are westernization, urbanization, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol and aging population. Pancreatic Islet dysfunction leads to .hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus with resultant tissue damage in many organ systems leading not only to serious long term complication but also medical and surgical management complication like hypoglycemia. Unfortunately, some people living with diabetes die of hypoglycemia as a management complication than of diabetes making Ademolus Classification of Hypoglycemia a very useful tool in reducing morbidity and mortality and a valuable prognosticator in diabetes management.Ademolus Classification of Hypoglycemia worldwide application and relevance, and its suitability in the spectrum of diabetes from preclinical states to period of disability makes it a toll that will allow for comparing of data among researchers worldwide.

Published: 17 October 2017


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