Conference Proceeding

The Regentime Procedure for Organ Regeneration, Transplantation of Mobilized Autologous Adult Bone Marrow Derived Human Progenitor Cells Incubated with Organ-Specific- Xeno-Ultra- Filtrates

Dr. Nassim Abi Chahine,
Regentime, Lebanon

Over a period of seven years, three hundreds patients with different chronic disorders were monitored after the treatment with autologous bone marrow derived stem cells. Our field of study covered a wide range of diseases and multiple protocols were developed and explored. Autologous bone marrow derived stem cells were outsourcing all our therapeutic acts. The aim of our research is to remodel the procedure of stem cells auto-transplantation for the best result achievement. We notably studied the biological preparation of the donor and the receptor site in diseased patients, worked on the progenitor cells handling and laboratory processing, incubation and filtration, and the different transplantation steps as well. Several steps forward have been achieved. We described stem cell phenomena from one side and human body reactions to their implantation from the other side. Besides this article talks about many symptoms facilitating the understanding of autologous stem cell treatment philosophy as an innovative field to our older colleagues in the clinical, therapeutic and academic field. This work, as the previous one presented in shanghai 2015, promises enormous changes in therapy, including the famous human stem cell comportment post incubation with organ-specific mammals' ultrafiltrates reminding our followers at the end of our research, of the formula facilitating the estimation of success of Autologous Adult Bone Marrow Derived Actively Proliferated Multipotent Progenitor Cells Transplantation (Regentime TM).

Published: 27 April 2017