Publishing Fee

Clyto Access Inc. provides free, unrestricted online access to the published scholarly articles to everyone across the world. At Clyto Access, we are convinced that everyone - not only scientists - can benefit from research results, and we publish all our articles exclusively as open access documents, with a Creative Commons attribution license agreement (CC-BY). Readers have the right to use, distribute, and reproduce in any medium, provided the source is properly cited. 

Clyto open access publishing maintains high quality of service through open access business model (author-pay), where manuscripts that are accepted for publication following peer review will incur a publishing fee or article processing charge, depending on the article type.
Article processing charge/ publishing fee enable us to cover the costs associated with editing, typesetting, storing, and archiving of the article, as well as maintaining the most advanced peer-reviewed platform in online publishing. And, there are no hidden costs involved, like charging extra amount for colored figures.
Please consult the table below for information on article processing charges/ publishing fees:

Article Type Publishing Fees
Research, Review, Case report and Perspective etc.
Additional considerationsReductions1
When author is an Associate Editor, Advisory Board Member or Review Editor 50% discount on fee
Memberships2 Fees fully or partially covered as per specific agreement3
  1. Reductions are being provided to enhance the research publications.
  2. Please refer to Memberships page for more details on memberships.
  3. Agreements that are duly signed as part of membership plan.
  4. Article publishing fees may be subject to periodic revisions. The fee applied is the one valid at time of article submission.
- Fee will be partially covered by Clyto open access initiative, based on the country of the author who is publishing the article.
No article processing charge for Editorial, Book Review, General Commentary, Editorial Commentary