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Prevalence and Risk Factor of HIV among Female Sex Worker in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Dr.Mohammad Borhan Uddin,
Molecular Biologist at Management of Nature Conservation, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mohammad Borhan Uddin is working in a molecular biology lab, he performs various molecular biology experiments with a project goals including DNA extraction, purification. Identification of bird species and sex using PCR and RT-PCR, Design primer, RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis and quantification etc. He was also working as consultant/ technical officer in FHI 360, Bangladesh. He was involved in counseling and testing (VCT) for HIV and Syphilis testing service in FHI360. Worked as program monitor for overall program activity of partner NGOs working in PLHIV and TB-HIV.

Introduction: Bangladesh maintained a low HIV prevalence for years less than 1 %. However recent studies showed the high level of HIV infection among some subgroups in different part of the country. The rate of sexually transmitted disease (STI) is very high among female sex worker in Bangladesh. This suggest a great risk of imminent HIV epidemic. On other hand Bangladesh is one of the most Tuberculosis (TB) burden country in world. Increasing trend of HIV-TB coinfection is a global concern. Our current study aim to investigate HIV situation among female sex workers in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Method: This study used data from two Drop in Centers (DIC) of YPSA, a non-government organization in Chittagong, Bangladesh between January 2011 and December 2011. 456 female sex workers received HIV and STI counseling and gave informed consent for HIV test. Three different rapid test kits viz DetermineTM , UniGoldTM , and SD Bioline were used to confirm HIV infection. During counseling the patient suspected for sexually transmitted disease (STI) and Tuberculosis were referred to respective clinics.
Result: Out of 456 participants 456 (100 %) were found HIV negative. 314 (68.85%) participants had complained of STI. 56 (12.28%) participants were suspected for TB.
Conclusion: The rate of HIV among female sex worker is low in Chittagong, Bangladesh. However high rate of STI and TB may deteriorate the situation once HIV rate start rising.

Published: 05 May 2017