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Organic Farming and Sustainability in Agriculture

Mr. Anand Paul

When it comes to organic farming and sustainability in agriculture, there are different opinions of the people. 1st group which believes that organic farming gives lower yields and hence is not feasible in viewing the huge market demand in coming days while 2nd group of people think that organic farming is good but with certain regulations. Yet the 3rd group of people accept organic farming wholeheartedly.

People know about the concept of organic farming but are not fully aware of how does it affect and helps in the restoration of the biotic and abiotic components of the environment. This poster would basically be an analysis of the long term and short term impacts of organic farming. The poster would contain an overview of how organic farming really affects the soil, the water, the quality of the produce or the yield for that matter. It would also show as to why the farming sector should be using organic farming for achieving the sustainable

Published: 08 November 2017


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