Conference Proceeding

Nanostructure and strength in collagen biomaterials

Dr. Richard Haverkamp,
Massey University, New Zealand

Prof. Richard Haverkamp holds a personal chair in Nanotechnology at Massey University in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology. His research encompasses collagen based materials for medical and industrial applications, biogenic nanoparticles, electrocatalyst materials and a range of synchrotron based techniques. He has published over 80 refereed journal articles and several patents and patent applications. His work is focused on collaborations with industrial partners to assist with the development of new products and processes. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Fellow of both the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand and he New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.

Collagen is the main component of many robust natural materials and some manufactured materials. The strength of the material is normally one of the key properties required in technological applications. The basis for strength in collagen materials is not fully understood. We use small angle X-ray scattering to investigate the collagen fibril arrangement and structure in leather, pericardium, and surgical scaffold materials. The structure isrelated to the physical properties of these materials. This is combined with atomic force microscopy, histology, electron microscopy and ultrasonic imaging. We discover a complex relationship between strength and a number of structural factors including fibril orientation, fibril diameter and cross linking. These can be related to tissue type, species, age of the animal and processing conditions. This has lead to some useful technological applications. This talk will describe some of our recent ideas and discoveries in this area

Published: 27 April 2017