Ms. Sally M. Elgizawy

Ms. Sally M. Elgizawy |Clyto Access

The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


Expertise: Zero waste, Slum Development, Sustainable Construction, Waste Management, Sustainable Buildings, Demolition Waste, Construction Waste


Sally M. Elgizawy works as a teaching assistant at The American University in Cairo, Construction Engineering Department. S. Elgizawy received her BSc in Construction Engineering in 2005 from The American University in Cairo, Egypt, and her MSc in Construction Engineering in 2006 from The American University in Cairo, Egypt. She is now a PhD Candidate at The American university in Cairo, doing her PhD degree on Zero waste and slum Development. Elgizawy is a member of the syndicate of Engineers in Egypt and has some publications in the field of Zero Waste Concepts, Sustainable Construction Waste Management for Sustainable Buildings, Quantification of Construction waste: Egypt Case Study, Approaching Sustainability of Construction and Demolition Waste using Zero Waste Concept, Zero Construction and Demolition waste approach, Quantification of Construction Waste, etc

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