Mr. Abdelaal Mahmoud

Mr. Abdelaal Mahmoud |Clyto Access

Assiut University Hospital, Egypt


Expertise: Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Skin carcinoma, Plastic Surgery, Bariatric surgery, Obesity Surgery


Mr. Abdelaal Mahmoud received Bachelor of Medicine (2007) from Assiut faculty of medicine and Master degree (2012) of Surgery from Assiut University in Conventional skin carcinoma versus skin carcinoma complicating xeroderma pigmentosum and he had register for Doctor Degree of surgery in 2011 from Assiut University with a collaboration of University College of Dublin, Ireland. From 2007-2008, he was a House officer in Assiut University Hospitals and From 2008-2012, he was A resident in Bariatric Surgery Unit at Plastic Surgery Department, Assiut University Hospitals, Egypt. Currently, Mr. Abdelaal is working as an Assistant lecturer and specialist of Bariatric Surgery at Assiut University Hospital, Egypt. Mr. Abdelaal Mahmoud has published several article in the field of Obesity surgery.

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