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Microsatellite Based Analysis of Apple (malus × domestica borkh.) Germplasm of Kashmir: Towards Unraveling the Apple Sports

Mr. Jahangir A Dar

Kashmir Valley, a North Western State represents the richest repository of apple germplasm in India. Over 150 cultivars with local or exotic names are under cultivation in different orchards and Govt. horticultural nurseries besides a large number of unknown variants of seedling origin. During the present study, nineteen apple genotypes were analyzed by using 29 SSR primers. A total of 218 polymorphic fragments were generated by 29 selected primers. The number of alleles for each primer varied from 3 (Hi06f09) to 14 (Hi08f12) with a mean number of 7.51 alleles per primer. Polymorphic Information Content (PIC), Markers Index (MI) and Resolving Power (RP) were applied in the present study. Highest PIC value (0.48) was observed for the primer Hi06f09 and lowest PIC value (0.19) for the primer Hi02a07. Highest MI value (4.03) was scored for primer Hi05d10 and lowest (1.26) for the primer Hi23b12. Similarly highest and lowest RP values were scored for Hi05d10 and Hi06f09 respectively. Jaccards similarity coefficient among analyzed apple genotypes ranged from 0.05 to 0.93. Cluster analysis and principal component analysis distinguished apple genotypes into two main groups which revealed that Kullu Delicious and Shimla Delicious are very close to each other. However, the cultivars like Oregon Spur, Reeka Red and Siliver Spur which are said to be the sports of Delicious gathered together with Kullu Delicious and Shimla Delicious in one of the sub groups.

Published: 08 November 2017


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