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Development of a chemically modified protein-based microbicides for prevention of HIV sexual transmission and treatment of HPV infection

Conference Proceeding

Dr. Shibo Jiang

HIV transmission through sexual contact has accounted for more than 90% of the new HIV infection in China in recent years and development of effective and safe microbicides is urgently needed to prevent sexual transmission of HIV

Published: 05 May 2017


Broad HIV-1 inhibition in vitro by vaccine-elicited CD8+ T cells in African adults

Conference Proceeding

Dr. Tomas Hanke

We are developing a pan-clade HIV-1 T-cell vaccine HIV consv, which could complement Env vaccines for prophylaxis and be key to HIV cure. Our strategy focuses vaccine-elicited effector T-cells on functionally and structurally conserved regions (not full-length proteins and not epitopes) of the HIV-1 proteome, which are common to most global variants and which, if mutated, cause a replicative fitness loss.

Published: 05 May 2017


Prevalence and risk factors of Chlamydia Infection in Hong Kong: A population-based, geospatial household survey

Conference Proceeding

Dr. William C. W. Wong

Chlamydia causes infertility and increases the risk of HIV infection, and population-based studies provide essential information for effective infection control and prevention.

Published: 05 May 2017

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Scope of the Journal

Journal of HIV and STD Research

Journal of HIV and STD Research refers to an unrestricted open access to the articles of scientific literature and increases the reachability over the wide range of research scholars, academicians, professionals and industrialists.
The Journal covers a wide range of subjects such as Social Strategies for HIV and STDs Prevention, Transmission and Eradication issues, HIV Drug Discovery and Research, Primary HIV Infection, HIV Diagnosis and Therapy, HIV Related Infections and Co-infections, HIV/AIDS related illness and complications, Pain management, Latest advances in immune system, Latest development and current research on other STDs. 
The Journal adopts user friendly, quality, editorial, review processing and the articles are available online within 48hours from the time of acceptance.

Editorial Board


Dr. Agraj Tripathi

Bhabha Institute of Technology, India

Editorial Board

Dr. Erna Milunka Kojic

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, USA

Dr. E. Doyle McCarthy

Fordham University, USA

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Note from Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Agraj Tripathi

The Journal of HIV and STD Research is launched to provide a suitable outlet to publish the theoretical as well as experimental outcomes of comprehensive research conducted by mathematicians, biologists, medical practitioners and other research organizations engaged in such studies. I am sure the Journal will provide a genuine platform to bring together all scientists working on different aspects of HIV infection.

I, in the capacity of Editor-in-Chief of the journal, along with all my dedicated team of Editorial Board members solicit the submission of original research on all aspects of HIV/AIDS and other STDs to the 'Journal of HIV and STD Research

Research Topics

☛ Clinical Virology
☛ Epidemiology
☛ HIV and Pregnancy
☛ HIV Therapy
☛ HIV Transmission
☛ HIV Treatment Regime
☛ HIV Vaccines
☛ Immune Response
☛ Innovative HIV drugs
☛ Risk Analysis HIV and Behaviours
☛ Signs and Symptoms of HIV/AIDS

Editorial office

Journal of HIV and STD Research

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