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Antimicrobials in food and the role of Bacteriocins

Editorial Article

At present, the food business is compelled to tackle different challenges with relation to food safety, consumers’ demands, and new regulatory norms on the international level.

Published: 26 Jun 2017


Differential Spectrophotometry: Application for Quantification of Flavonoids in Herbal Drugs and Nutraceuticals

Editorial Article

The study of flavonoids is a very popular area of research on natural pharmaceutical materials. These valuable individual active principles of phenolic nature deserve a particular attention due to various pharmacological effects and are of significant importance for standardization of herbal drugs and nutraceuticals.

Published: 20 Sep 2017


Scope of the Journal

International Journal of Trends in Food and Nutrition

The Journal aims to fill the gap between the specialized primary journals and general trade magazines by focusing on the most promising new research developments and their current and potential food industry applications in a readable, scientifically rigorous way.

The Journal aims to provide an effective and timely platform for cutting-edge high-quality original papers on food and nutrition, from the original food supply source to the consumer’s dinner table. It aims to be a leading international journal in food research community.

International Journal of Trends in Food and Nutrition brings together a unique and International mix of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations and address opinion on new perspectives to established processes, new challenges and emerging issues in Food Science & Processing, Nutrition & Nutritional Management, Public Health and future research in food and bio products processing.

Editorial Board


Dr. Virgilio Correcher Delgado

Researcher, CIEMAT, Spain


Dr. Zou Xiaobo

Professor, Jiangsu University, China


Dr. Susana Casal

University of Porto, Portugal


Dr. Mohamed F. R. Hassanien

Professor, Zagazig University, Egypt

Editorial Board

Dr. Fabio Granados-Chinchilla

University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Mr. Greg Potter

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

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Review Board

Research Topics

☛ Antibiotic Resistance
☛ Bioactive components
☛ Dietary behaviours
☛ Eco-friendly Food Processing
☛ Environment health management
☛ Food quality and safety
☛ Food Security
☛ Foodborne pathogens
☛ Functional Foods
☛ Modified Atmosphere Packaging
☛ Non-Thermal Processing
☛ Physicochemical Properties
☛ Trace and toxic element analysis
☛ Ultrasound Processing of Foods

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