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Scope of the Journal

The International Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Research (IJHTTR)

The International Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Research (IJHTTR) is an Open Access journal that acts as a medium through which researchers and managers/directors in the field of travel and tourism can share their ideas and stay up to date with the most recent improvements in the field of tourism. The journal covers a wide range of observational and conceptual research of issues significant to travel, tourism and hospitality industry. In addition to research articles, research notes and book reviews, the IJHTTR welcomes book discussions and contributions debating or remarking issues of interests to researchers and the professional community.

IJHTTR welcomes submissions related to marketing management practices, applied research studies, critical reviews on major issues, development of new technologies and tools in tourism marketing, business and government strategies influencing travel and tourism marketing. All manuscripts published in IJHTTR are open peer reviewed by scholars expert in the subject/topic area of the manuscript and in the disciplinary or methodological approach used. The standard for publication in IJHTTR is that the paper must make a clear contribution substantively, theoretically or methodologically, to the body of knowledge.

Journal encouages authors to publish articles on topics such as Tourism Management, Resort Management, e-Tourism, Culinary Tourism, Hospitality Services, Regional Tourism, EcoTourism, Stakeholders Tourism, Hospitality Marketing, Rural Tourism, Sports Tourism and Domestic Tourism.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Mariyam Suzana

The Maldives National University, Republic of Maldives

Andre den Exter

Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Research Topics

☛ Tourism Management
☛ Resort Management
☛ e-Tourism
☛ Culinary Tourism
☛ Hospitality Services
☛ Regional Tourism
☛ EcoTourism
☛ Stakeholders Tourism
☛ Hospitality Marketing
☛ Rural Tourism
☛ Sports Tourism
☛ Domestic Tourism

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The International Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Research (IJHTTR)

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