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Innovative Technologies: A Ray of Hope for Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Dr. Ram Kripal Pathak

On the name of higher yield, indiscriminate use of agro-chemicals and water over 5-6 decades, have adversely affected three ultimate source of energy i.e. soil, water and air beyond repair. After working over two decades on organic farming, we conceived an idea that any technologies which are able to enhance rhizosphere (4-6% nutrition) and biosphere (more than 92% nutrition) simultaneously can assure sustainable agriculture. For achieving this, cow centric farming i.e. Homa Jaivik Krishi” has been standardized by us. “Homa Jaivik Krishi” is cow centric integration of bunch of technologies from organic farming systems, capable of enhancing rhizosphere and biosphere simultaneously and assuring sustainable agriculture, without any use of agrochemicals. It is based on synergistic & systematic harnessing cosmic and solar energies which ensures high quality production, improvement in soil fertility, water quality, availability and resolving environmental pollution in a given area wherein resonance point have been established”.

Few relevant points: i) Plants gets get their nutrition quantitatively from atmosphere and qualitatively from soil; ii) plants require around 30 + elements iii), Solar energy is available around 300 days in India; iv) almost 78 % N is freely available per hectare in atmosphere; v) plenty of P in non available form in soil; vi) Potash is non constituent element ,burrowed from soil and return it back through bio mass; vii) Humus content is potent accumulator of solar & cosmic energy including moisture; viii)Pests & erosion is indicator of reduced Aura energy of soil and plants. Every farmer is capable of harnessing these energies in their field with little intervention. Harnessing solar and cosmic energy could be viable options for sustainability in agriculture and food security. Homa Jaivik Krishi involves i) Adopting use of Bio dynamic calendar for various farm activities; ii) Practice of Farming System Approach; iii) Encouraging massive plantation and development of water bodies; iv) Integration with legumes in cropping system to harness atmospheric nitrogen; v) Integration of indigenous cows with hump and use of her products in farming; and vi) Integration of Homa Organic Farming known to heal ailing environment a potential tool to harness cosmic and solar energy

Published: 08 November 2017


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