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Healing of a diabetic foot ulcer without drugs –a case study

Dr. Mulleri Koroth Amritha

Many a time treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer are influenced by co-morbidities restricting the outcome and the application of multilevel therapies leading to poor results. Here is a presentation of a Diabetic male 56 years who presented with an ulcer above the right lateral malleolus with duration of 12 weeks, non healing along with co morbidities of Cyanotic Congenital Heart disease [TOF] with Secondary Polycythaemia, Chronic Kidney disease, Retinopathy, Hypertension, managed in a diabetic foot clinic without drugs.

From second treatment day onwards wound started showing improvement. Ulcer surface area, ulcer depth and pain intensity started decreasing. After 27 sessions of Infrared LED light for 30 minutes and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field for 45 minutes complete healing of the wound occurred. Infrared LED light therapy delivers monochromatic Infrared light and visible LED light. This is known to increase microcirculation stimulate production of collagen, stimulate fibroblastic activity, increase lymphatic activity. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy produces very low frequency electromagnetic waves of 1500Nanoteslas. Extremely low frequency magnetic fields have been known to induce cytoprotection and repair {Biographyelectromagnetic Volume 28 Issue1 page 16-30 January 2007]. ELF-EMF (extremely low frequency electromagnetic field) induces keratincyte proliferation and modulates chemokine production through inhibition of NF KB signaling pathway and this may inhibit inflammatory process.(British Journal Of Dermatology Volume 158,Issue -6 pge1189-1196 June 2008). Non healing ulcers in a Diabetic individual leading to lower extremity amputation have been well documented. Co-morbidities like Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease; Chronic Kidney Disease contributes to poor healing of the ulcer.

Published: 17 October 2017


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