Fernando Vazquez-Alaniz

Fernando Vazquez-Alaniz |Clyto Access

General Hospital 450, Health Ministry of Durango, Mexico

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Gynaecology, Clinical Chemistry, Cell Biology, Cell engineering, bioprocess engineering


Fernando Vazquez-Alaniz attended the National Polytechnic Institute, where he earned his PhD in Biotechnology. And his research includes molecular, epidemiological and environmental mechanisms of hypertensive disease associated with disorders of pregnancy, particularly those related to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. He has more than 25 years of experience in clinical diagnostic; mainly, clinical chemistry and hematology, working for institutions such as the Mexican Red Cross, where he served as head of the blood bank and Head of clinical laboratory at General Hospital 450 of Durango Mexico.

His research on these areas generated 14 publications in specialized journals from 2011 to date and he is a member of the CONACyT National Researchers System in Mexico.

Fernando Vazquez-Alaniz’s course work includes Immunology, genetic engineering, tissue culture, molecular diagnostics, medical biotechnology, pharmacogenomics, and pharmaceutical biotechnology, in chemical sciences faculty, Juarez University of Durango State. His current research interests are related to genetic expression, massive sequencing, in-situ co-location of proteins, genetic diagnosis and creation and industrial manufacturing of a skin substitute through the use of biopolymers.

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