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Epimutations in Cancer

Dr. Nezami ,
Pacific Medical Center of Hope, Fresno CA, USA

Dr. Nezami is a board certified physician graduated from USC and UCSF residencies. He has functioned as a faculty teacher during his training as well as invited presenter at society of teachers in Family medicine. He is promoting research in conventional oncology, in cutting edge. He is an inventor and innovator and has designed new method of treating advanced cancer, called Modified Multi Molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy (MTET).

In most cases, cancer develops as a result of non-inheritable somatic mutations (epimutations), acquired by the individual adult cell, during the evolution of the cell, and propagated into an expanding clone of progeny of the cells by natural selection. The role of microenvironment in selection for such acquired mutations, or epimutations, is a focus of scientific research in carcinogenesis. We describe a defective DNA response to hypoxia due to epigenetic aberrancies, in solid cancer cellular biology. We also summarize a literature review on hypoxia mediated epigenetic responses, and its role in carcinogenesis and metastasis. Further, we review a novel method of treating solid tumors with a combination of epigenetic modifiers with both in vitro and in vivo results in humans. This method has translated into an improved prognosis and clinical outcome for patients with refractory or advances cancers. We propose that this approach both independently and synergistically (with the current standard of care) to provide an improved outcome.

Published: 11 May 2017