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Editorial Board Members

Dr. Bingqing Wei

University of Delaware, USA

Expertise: Carbon nanostructures, Carbon nanotube nanocomposites, Applications of carbon nanostructures in energy conversion and storage devices

Dr. Stefan H. Bossmann

Kansas State University, USA

Expertise: Nanocatalysis, Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing, Theranostics, Hyperthermia, Drug Delivery

Dr. Pei Wen Li

National Chio Tung University, Taiwan

Expertise: Si-Ge nanostructures and devices, Germanium quantum dots, Photodetectors

Dr. Sivakumar Manickam

University of Nottingham, England

Expertise: Nanopharmaceuticals, Nano chemical engineering, Nanomaterials, Nanoemulsions, Nanomedicine, Chitosan nanoparticles

Dr. Robert DeLong

Nanotechnology Innovation Center, USA

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Anti-Cancer RNA Nanoconjugates, Biomolecular Interactions, DNA vaccine particles

Dr. Jang Wook Choi

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Synthesis of electrodes, Design and analysis of binders and electrodes, Supercapacitors

Dr. Chenzhong Li


Expertise: Point care of testings, wireless diagnostics, cell electronics, neuron-device interface, biomarker, nanotoxicity measurements, electron transfer study

Dr. Di Gao

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Expertise: Nanomaterial synthesis, Surface functionalization, Solar cells, Biosensor, Biomedical devices based on nanomaterials.

Dr. Jianjun Wei

University of north carolina, USA

Expertise: Nanoplasmonics, Nanobioelectronics, Biosensors, Nano quantum dots, Nanomedicine, Nanocomposites

Dr. Reza Khodarahmi

University in Kermanshah, Iran

Expertise: In vitro characterization, Amyloid aggregation, Drug protein interaction, Enzyme inhibition, Nano drug delivery

Dr. Subhra Mohapatra

University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, USA

Expertise: Nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery methods, Therapeutics for cancer, 3D polymeric nano/micro scaffolds, Therapeutics for Brain Injuries

Dr. Zuankai Wang

City University of Hongkong, HongKong

Expertise: Microfluidics for global health, Nanomaterials, Biomimetics, Nanoscale transport phenomena, Microfluidics, Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Fluid dynamics

Dr. Jianbin Tang

Zheijang University, China

Expertise: Biomaterials, Drug delivery, Bionanotechnology, Molecular imaging

Dr. Moran wang

Tsinghua university, China

Expertise: Nanoscale interfacial transports, Electrokinetic transport in microfluidics and nanofluidics, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics at nanoscale

Dr. Antonio Ruotolo

City University of Hong Kong, China

Expertise: Biomedical applications, Nanoparticles for cancer therapy, Nanolithography techniques, Biosensors, Neuromorphic components, Batteries and microwave spintronic oscillators

Dr. Patrick Tang

Monash University, Malaysia

Expertise: Nanoparticle design, Nano/microencapsulation, Food and pharmaceutical nanotechnology

Dr . Saman Ilankoon

Monash University, Malaysia

Expertise: Fluid flow in porous media, packed bed hydrodynamics, E-waste processing, mine water treatment, Liquid dispersal

Dr. Qingyin Wu

Zhejiang University, China

Expertise: Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials, Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology

Dr. Honglai Li

Hunan University, China

Expertise: Two-dimensional layered materials, Nanophotonics, Crystal growth & design, Nanotechnology

Dr. Christos Argirusis

National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Expertise: Nanomaterials, X-ray Diffraction, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Electron Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Nanoparticles, Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Fuel Cells

Dr. Mavila Chathoth Suresh

City University of Hong Kong, china

Expertise: Quasielastic neutron scattering, X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy, Glass-transition, Nano-porous materials, Energy storage Molecular diffusion in the confined state, Room temperature ionic liquids, Supercapacitors

Dr. Sridharan Madanagurusamy

Sastra University, India

Expertise: Thin films, coatings, Sensors, solar cells, Hydrogen energy, Biomaterials, MEMS and functional nanomaterials & devices

Dr. Oluyomi Stephen Adeyemi

Landmark University, Nigeria

Expertise: Drug discovery, Phytomedicine, Nanomedicine, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Bioscience, Protozoology, Trypanosoma brucei brucei Glutathione, Oxidative Stress , Cancer Cells

Dr. Weien Yuan

ShanghaiJiaoTong University, china

Expertise: Nanomedicine, Translational medicine, Drug delivery, Gene delivery, Tissue engineering, Biomaterials

Dr. Francesca Re

University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Expertise: Neuroscience, Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Nanoparticles for therapy and diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Nanoparticle for gene therapy of melanoma and rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Mostafa Mohammadian

Islamic Azad University, Iran.

Expertise: Carbon nanotubes, Carbon nanocones, Hetero-junction carbon nanotubes, computational and simulation methods for investigation of nanostructures

Dr. Meenakshi Upreti

University of Kentucky, USA

Expertise: Cancer therapeutics, Cancer nanotechnology, Tumor microenvironment, Novel in-vitro/in-vivo 3D Co-culture, Tumor models, Liposomal nanoparticulate drug formulations

Dr. Mustafa Culha

Yeditepe University, Turkey

Expertise: Spectroscopy, Nanotechnology, NanoSpectroscopy, Genetics and bioengineering, Analytical and Bioanalytical chemistry, Medical and Biomedical applications

Dr. Lucio Angnes

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Expertise: Naotechnology, Microelectrodes, Enzymes immobilization, Modified electrodes, Electrodes or microchannels, Spectroelectrochemistry

Dr. Yang Yang Li

City University of Hong Kong, China

Expertise: Nanotechnology, Physics, Materials science, Nanomaterials

Dr. Malathy Shekhar

Wayne State University, USA

Expertise: Breast cancer, Melanoma pathogenesis, Anticancer therapeutics, Nanoparticle mediated drug delivery, Chemotherapy, Endocrine resistance

Dr. Jeong Yong Lee

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Expertise: Transmission electron microscopy, Nanomaterials and their properties

Dr. Muthukonda Venaktakrishnan Shankar

Yogi Vemana University, India

Expertise: Nanocomposite membrane for salt rejection, Nanomedicine for auto-immune diseases, Cancer theraphy, Defluoridation of drinking water

Dr. Robert Bogdanowicz

California Institute of Technology, USA

Expertise: Thin Films and Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics, Nanostructured Materials, Optical Plasma Diagnostics, Magnetron Sputtering, Fibre Sensors, Laser Diagnostics, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Data Analysis, Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Spect

Dr. Raad Chegel

Malayer University, Iran

Expertise: Carbon nanotubes and nanoribbons, Boron Nitride nanotube and nanoribbons, Tight Binding approximation, Density Functional Theory, Electro-optical properties of nano-materials

Dr. Stylianos K. Georgantzinos

University of Patras, Greece

Expertise: Computational Nanotechnology, Analysis of NEMS, Mechanics of Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Engineering Design in Nanoscale

Dr. Om Prakash Sinha

Amity University, India

Expertise: Semiconductor Nanostructures, Ion Beam induced nano-structuring/ patterning, Carbon Based Materials, Organic Electronics, Solar Cell, LED

Dr. Michael R Hamblin

Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Expertise: Nanomedicines, Photodynamic therapy for infections, Stimulation of the immune system, Low-level light therapy for wound healing, Arthritis, Brain injury, Neurodegenerative diseases

Dr. Dong-Shik Kim

University of Toledo, USA

Expertise: Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Enzyme, Bio-nano composites, Biosensors

Dr. Lingxin Chen

Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, China

Expertise: Nanoparticles, Studies of novel properties of materials, Nanoscale biochemical analysis methods, Molecular imprinting-based sample pretreatment technology

Dr. Yang-hsin Shih

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Expertise: Environmental nanotechnology, Environmental biotechnology, Environmental organic chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Soil remediation, Transformation kinetics Wastewater treatment technology, Iron nanoparticles.

Dr. Azizollah Nezhadali

Payame Noore University, Iran

Expertise: Analysis of pharmacutical samples, PVC based membranes, Polarography or spectrophotometry techniques, Solid Phase Micro -Extraction

Dr. Simone Morais

University of Porto, Portugal

Expertise: Biosensors, Nanotechnology, Chemically modified electrodes, Nanofunctional materials, Eectroanalysis, Environmental sciences, Air pollutants, Chemistry

Dr. Trinh Thang Thuy

Kyoto University, Japan

Expertise: Functional Nanoparticles, Quantum dot, Nanomaterials, Colloidal and Interface Chemistry, Physical Chemistry , Computational Materials, Analytical chemistry

Dr. A. Heidari

California South University, USA

Expertise: Biophysical Chemistry, Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Quantum Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Mathematical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Vibrational Spectroscopy Molecular Modelling, Ab initio &, Density Functional Methods, Molecular

Dr Georgios I. Giannopoulos

Technological Institute of Western Greece, Greece

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Nanosensors, Computational Engineering, Materials Science, Fracture mechanics, Contact mechanics

Dr. Girilal M

Advanced Biotechnology Centre, Dubai

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Nanotoxicology, Cell Biology, Cell Culture, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, PCR, Microbiology, Protein Purification, Microscopy, Bioinformatics, Protein Purification, Nanoparticles.

Dr. Imran Saleem

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Expertise: Drug delivery, Nanotechnology, Polymer science, Chemistry, Tissue engineering, Nanoparticle toxicology, Cell and molecular biology

Dr. Martina Giannaccini

University of Pisa, Italy

Expertise: Gene Regulation, Eye Development, Transcription Factors, Transcriptome, Xenopus, Zebrafish, Gene Expression, Magnetic Nanoparticles

Dr Xiubo Zhao

University of Sheffield, UK

Expertise: Nano-biotechnology, Nano-medicine, Biophysics, Bio-interfaces, Bio-colloids, Bio-printing, Bio materials, Biosensors.

Dr. Sabu Thomas B

Mahatma Gandhi University, India

Expertise: Nanocomposites, Polymer Scienc, Nanomedicine, Elastomers, Green Nanotechnology, Polymer Blends

Dr. Hui-Fen Wu

National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Biomedicine, Pathogenic bacteria analysis, Cancer treatment

Dr. Lan Chen

National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, China

Expertise: Nanometrology, Nanomeasurement, Nanomaterials, Nanocatalysis, Nanomedicine

Dr. Shimaa Eissa

Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia

Expertise: Development of novel biosensing, Carbon nanomaterials, Electrochemical biosensors, Biosensing platforms, Small molecules and proteins

Dr. Junheng Gao

University of Sheffield, UK

Expertise: Nanostructured alloys, coatings, Metastable beta titanium alloys, Biodegradable Mg alloys

Dr. Yuling Wang

University of Queensland, Australia

Expertise: Cytokines, Bio engineering , Nanotechnology, Nano structures

Dr. Ezra Elias

Israel Institute of Technology, Israel.

Expertise: Boiling actuated micro-systems, Non-equilibrium phase change, Micro-refrigeration systems, Nanotechnology, Two-phase flow and heat transfer, Radiation engineering, and Non-destructive testing

Dr. Jinzhao Song

University of Pennsylvania, USA

Expertise: Point-of- care diagnostics, Microfluidics for global health, Circulating tumor cells and liquid biopsy, Clinical NGS diagnostics, Nanotechnology for clinical therapy and diagnosis, Diagnostics based on nanomaterial and polymer.

Dr. Tuhin Subhra Santra

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Expertise: Bio-NEMS/MEMS, Bio-Micro/Nano Fabrication, Single Cell, Biomedical Micro/Nano Devices, Nanomedicine, Biophysics

Dr. Dlzar A. Kheder

University of Zakho, Kurdistan-Region, Iraq

Expertise: Molecular physiology, Pharmacognosy, Nanotechnology, Mechanism pathways in the brain, Drug pharmacology, Epithelial cells, Aortic ring vasodilation, Tracheal relaxation, Tumor cell cultures

Dr. Nehal I. Abu-Lail

Washington State University, USA

Expertise: Bionanotechnology, Prokaryotic cells, Eukaryotic cells, Nanoscale measurements, Bacterial adhesion, DNA nanostructures, Genetics, Biofilm formation

Dr. Elias P. Koumoulos

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Nanomechanical properties of materials, Biopolymers, Polymers, Elastomers, Processing of plastics,R&D, Quality control, Production process and design

Dr. Yian Song

Arizona State University, USA

Expertise: Nanotechnology,Characterization techniques on catalysis, Energy storage, Sensoring, Drug delivery

Dr. Talgar.Shaymurat

Xinjiang Institute of Engineering, China

Expertise: Functional Micro-Nano Materials, Micro-Nano Device, Nanotechnology

Dr. Bahadir Tunaboylu

Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey

Expertise: MEMS technologies, Test systems, Microelectronics, Semiconductor nanofabrication, Renewable energy, Photonics, Power delivery systems, Batteries, Fuel cells, Nanomaterials, Biomechanics, Bioelectronics

Dr. Elena Spagnuolo

National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Rome

Expertise: Rock mechanics, Microanalytical techniques, Nanotechnology, Nanoscale

Dr. Yas Al-Hadeethi

King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

Expertise: Laser dentistry, Nanomedicine, Lithography, Energy transport in x-ray laser plasmas

Dr. M. Thirumavalavan

National Central University, Taiwan

Expertise: Multifunctional nano-biocatalysts (NBCs), Bioprocessing, Pharmaceutical applications,Nanotechnology.

Dr. Maria Laura Coluccio

University of Catanzaro, Italy

Expertise: Fabrication of novel devices, Metallic nano-structures, Electron beam lithography, Chemical electroless, Fabrication of SERS substrates, Cancer, Drug delivery, Tissue engineering

Dr. Kazushige Yokoyama

State University of New York, USA

Expertise: Neurodegenerative diseases, Nano-scale metal surface potential, Nanotechonolgy

Dr. Naheed Saba

University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Expertise: Polymer Composites, Material Characterization, Mechanical Properties,Nanomaterials, Natural Fibers, Polymeric Materials, Material Characteristics, Epoxy Resins, Thermal Analysis, Nanocomposites, DMA, Polymerization, Materials Processing, Plastics, Polymer

Dr. Tze-Bin SongĀ 

Northwestern University, USA

Expertise: Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Thin Film Devices, Material Science, Energy Harvesting, Optoelectronics

Dr. Rozhin Penjweini

Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Expertise: Applied Physics, Nanomedicines, Bread mould fungus, Photodynamic therapy, Biophotonics, Oxygen dosimetry, Microscopy techniques

Dr. Kristin McCullough

Northern Illinois University, USA

Expertise: Nanotechnology, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Nanosensors, Artificial spin ice

Dr. Byoung-Suhk Kim

Chonbuk National University, Korea

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Nanocarbons, Carbon fibers, Supercapacitors, Electrocatalysts, Biosensors, Fuel cells, Metal Nanoparticles, Functional nanofibers, Thin films and capsules, Nanocomposites, Hydrogels, Hybrid POSS materials

Dr.Chiara Corrado

University of Palermo, Italy

Expertise: Biotechnology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Regenerative medicine, Pathology, Nanotechnology, Clinical Physiopathology, Immunopharmacology

Dr. Estefania Nunez Carmona

University of Brescia, Italy

Expertise: Nanostructures, Nanowire gas sensors, Agrifood science

Dr. Riccarda Antiochia

University of Rome, Italy

Expertise: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Analytical chemistry, Graphene, Carbon nanotubes, Metallic nanoparticles, Biosensors

Dr. Filiz Keles

University of Arkansas, USA

Expertise: Nanostructured Photodetectors, Photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, Nanorods, X-Ray Diffraction

Dr. Ying Liu

National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China

Expertise: Biological effects of nanomaterials, Noble metal nanomaterials.

Dr. Fabiano Bini

University of Rome, Italy

Expertise: Mechanical Engineering, Nanowires, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Technologies

Dr. M. Nadeem Akhtar

University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Expertise: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Spectroscopy, Nanotechnology.


University of Malaya, Malaysia

Expertise: Chemistry, Nanofibers, Fiber polymer composites, Waste water treatment, Thermodynamics, Mathematical Modelling

Dr. Starodub Nickolaj. F

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Expertise: Biophysics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Immune Chemistry. Enzymology, Biosensor system, Nano-technology


The exceptional editorial board members have been amassed for this summit. Every editorial board member was chosen in view of their individual specialized topic and capacity to convey right information.