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Editorial Board Members

Dr. Henglong Xu

Ocean University of China, China

Expertise: Microbial ecology, Ecological methodology, Aquatic ecosystems

Dr. X. Q. Xiaoqiang Zhou

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Expertise: Dynamics of laminated composite structures, Viscoelastic damping material, Periodical structures, Wave propagation, Thin-walled structures, Mechanical vibration, Vibration energy harvesting, Fluid-structures interaction vibration

Dr. Carlos Azevedo

University of Porto, Portugal

Expertise: Microparasites, Pathology of aquatic fauna, Apicomplexa, Haplosporidia, Microsporidia, Myxozoa phyla, developing the life cycles, ultrastructure and phylogeny

Dr. Giovanni Libralato

Professor, University Padua and Venice, Italy

Expertise: Marine ecotoxicology , Marine environment health, Nanoecotoxicology , Whole Effluent Assessment, Whole Effluent Toxicity , Sediment and soil toxicity, Assessment of wastewater, Toxicity score, Standardisation of methods in ecotoxicology

Dr. Narasimalu Srikanth

Energy Research Institute at NTU, Singapore

Expertise: Ocean Energy Resource mapping, Novel Turbine Machine Design, Structural dynamics, Vibration damping, Structural model analysis, fatigue & fracture studies, Rotor dynamics under offshore conditions, Tribology, Biofouling mi

Dr. Pilar Bermejo-Barrera

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Expertise: EU. Analytical Chemistry, Trace Elements, Spectroscopy

Dr. Sofiene Tlili

University of Carthage, Tunisia

Expertise: Aquatic Toxicology, Environmental pollution, Biomarkers, Emergent pollutants, Invasive species, Toxico-kinetics

Dr. Cuiwei Du

University of Science & Technology Beijing, China

Expertise: Marine corrosion, Soil corrosion, Localized corrosion, Metallic structural materials, Corrosion electrochemistry, Cathodic protection

Dr. Silvia Bianchelli

Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy

Expertise: Marine biology, Marine ecology, Benthos, Biodiversity, Ecosystem functioning, human impact on benthic communities

Dr. Shan-Jing YAO

Zhejiang University, China

Expertise: Bioseparation, Biopharmaciutic Engineering, Marine Biotechnology

Dr. Gabriela Aguirre-Martínez

Cádiz College. Spain

Expertise: Environmental risk assessments in aquatic environments, New environmental stressors, Risk management, Ecotoxicology, Detoxification

Dr. Shuncong Zhong

Fuzhou University, China

Expertise: Structural dynamics, Computational modeling, Sensors/actuators, optical systems for mechanical and structural applications, ocean environment monitoring, subsea pipeline health monitoring

Dr. Jing Dai

Texas A&M University, USA

Expertise: Antimicrobial therapy, High-throughput screening, single cell analysis, Nanomaterial synthesis, Marine biotechnology, Develop microfluidic tools

Dr. Changchun Zhou

Systems Engineering Society of China, China

Expertise: Coastal management, Bathing beach evaluation, Eco-tourism, Eco-hydrology

Dr. Jean-Marc Laurens

ENSTA Bretagne, France

Expertise: Marine propellers, Energy Saving Devices, Ship resistance, Ship stability and Tidal water turbines

Dr. Yang-Guang Gu

Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, China

Expertise: Hydrobiology, Metals and Persistent Organic Pollutants in aquatic ecosystem, Risk model and statistics in environment.

Dr. Mark A Shepherd

University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA

Expertise: Environmental toxicology, Impact of power plant operations on nearby wildlife and wildlife habitat, Interaction between human activities and coastal and marine resources, Factors affecting the impingement of fish and shellfish

Dr. Md. Abdul Kader

University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Expertise: Aquatic Animal Nutrition, Aqufeed technology, Nutritional physiology, Nutritional immunology, nutrigenomics of aquatic animals, Dietary effect in molecular levels of fish

Dr. Mostafa Gouda Temraz

Deputy Manager, EPRI- Core Analysis Lab, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt

Expertise: Mineralogical studies of carbonaceous shale deposits, Geochemical studies, Sedimentology of clastics and non-clastic sedimentary rocks

Dr. Mohamed Mostafa El Nady

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI), Egypt

Expertise: Organic geochemistry, petroleum geology fields, Source Rocks characterization, Crude oils evaluation, Geochemical modeling, Biological markers assessment, Geochemistry of light hydrocarbons, natural gases, Oil

Dr. Yolanda Koulouri

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece

Expertise: Marine biodiversity, Benthic ecology, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Biology and Ecology of Benthic Boundary Layer (BBL) macrofauna, Trophic relationships within the BBL habitat, Ocean literacy

Dr. Yuanyou Li

Shantou University, China

Expertise: Lipid Nutrition, Aquafeed of Aquatic Animals, Adaptation Mechanisms of Aquatic Animals to ambient salinity

Dr. Yong Hoon Kim

Applied Science Associates Inc., USA

Expertise: Physical Oceanography, Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Simulation, Sediment Transport, Water Quality and Ecosystem Modeling, Remote Sensing, Machine Learning

Dr. R.M. Wasantha Rathnayake

Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka

Expertise: Coastal conservation, Environmental economics, Plant ecology, Natural resources management

Dr. Chenghua Li

Ningbo University, China

Expertise: Innate immunity of marine animals and host-pathogen interaction,regulatory mechanism of these genes expression focusing on microRNA, the connection of metabolic regulation and immune response

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Tharwat El-Sharkawy

Radiochemistry, Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority, Egypt

Expertise: Radiochemical separation, Spectrometry, Ionizing radiation, Radiation Dose Assessment

Dr. Puspa L. Adhikari

Louisiana State University , USA

Expertise: Marine chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Fingerprinting, Organic/Petroleum Biogeochemistry, Environmental Pollution/Chemistry, Radiochemistry

Dr. Leticia Perez

University of Vigo, Spain

Expertise: Biofuels, Renovable energy and energy efficiency

Dr. Joseph A. Moss

University of West Florida, USA

Expertise: Detection of protozoan pathogens in potable and environmental waters, Evaluation of global patterns of microbial diversity, Fundamentals concerning microorganisms, Production of beer

Dr. Shahla Jamili

Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Expertise: Aquatic Physiology and Aquatic ecophysiology, Effect of pollution in aquatic organisms

Dr. Hamidreza Sharifan

Texas Tech University, USA

Expertise: Environmental fate and contamination of UV filters in the aquatic systems

Dr. Xin Chen

Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Expertise: Control of agricultural non-point source pollution, Biogeochemical cycling of iron, Ecological process of main nutrient elements in soil crop system, Agroecology

Dr. Erwan Garel

Centre of Environmental and Marine Science, Portugal

Expertise: Water circulation at narrow estuaries, Morphodynamics of ebb-tidal deltas, Coastal circulation in the Gulf of Cadiz, Environmental Monitoring

Dr. Zaki Sharawy

Director, NIOF, Egypt

Expertise: Fisheries Science, Aquaculture developments, Marine Aquaculture, Fish Breeding, Fisheries Management

The exceptional editorial board members have been amassed for this summit. Every editorial board member was chosen in view of their individual specialized topic and capacity to convey right information.