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Editorial Board Members

Dr. Seth H. Weinberg

Old Dominion University, USA

Expertise: Stochastic modeling, Calcium signaling, Nonlinear dynamics in electrophysiology, Extracellular matrix assembly

Dr. Marco Fronzi

Associate Professor, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, China

Expertise: Ab­initio calculations, Density Functional Theory, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Photo- Catalysis, Chemical Reactivity of Metal­Oxides Surfaces, Optical Response of Materials

Dr. Aggelos Avramopoulos

Orebro University, Greece

Expertise: Clusters, Fullerene based systems, Vibrational contributions, Relativistic correction

Dr. Clement Leung Kwok CHAN

Women's Health And Reproductive Medicine Centre, China

Expertise: Biomedical Sciences, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endocrinology

Dr. Igor Goryanin

University of Edinburgh, UK

Expertise: Systems biology, modeling of complex biological systems, Microbial fuel cells, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics

Dr. Riad Agbaria

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Expertise: Health Sciences, Clinical pharmacology, Natural science

Dr. Robert Radics

North Carolina State University, United States

Expertise: Forest Biomaterials, Biotechnology, Forestry Engineering, Bio energy

Dr. Song Yuhua

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Expertise: Molecular dynamics, Computational biology, Tissue mechanics, Cell mechanics, Molecular mechanics, Apoptosis, Apoptotic removal, Cell adhesion, Regenerative medicine, Breast cancer

Dr. Kanthimathi

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Expertise: Molecular Medicine, Medicine, Biotechnology

Dr. Sachin Kumar Gupta

Baylor College of Medicine, United States

Expertise: Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, RNA processing, Non-coding RNA, Alternative splicing, Cancer Molecular Biology, Chimeric RNAs, Gene-Fusions, Plants Molecular Biology, Transgenic Plants

Dr. Sandy Huey-Jen Hsu

National Taiwan University Hospital,Taiwan

Expertise: Biochemistry, Public Health, Big data analysis, Medicine

Dr. Abdel Hameed Elameen

Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway

Expertise: Evolution, Population genetics, Genomics, Biotechnology, Genetics

Dr. Ajay Kumar Saxena

Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Expertise: Structure-function analysis of infectious diseases, Cancer related proteins, Structure-guided drug, Vaccine development

Dr. Surekha Bhat M

Xavier University School Of Medicine,Caribbean

Expertise: Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, Complementary Medicine (including pyramidology), Lawsone-Keratin interaction, Procalcitonin as a marker of infections, Tuberculosis research

Dr. Yinghua Huang

Oklahoma State University, USA

Expertise: Plant Genetics, Molecular biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology

Dr. Fuad Fares

University of Haifa, Israel

Expertise: Human Genetic diseases, Cancer, Recombinant proteins, Biotechnology, Medicine

Dr. Zhang

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Expertise: Science, Nature, Nature Immunology, Nature Genetics, Immunity, Molecular Cell

Dr. R.K. Brojen Singh

Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Expertise: Mathematical Biology, Modeling Complex Systems, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Rama Raju

National Institute of technology, India

Expertise: Metabolic engineering, Biofuels, Biomaterials

Dr. Zhenzhou Cheng

University of Tokyo, Japan

Expertise: Silicon photonics, Graphene photonics, Mid-infrared photonics, Spectroscopy, Biochemical sensing

Dr. Manish Datt

AU-ILS, India

Expertise: Molecular modelling, Docking, Bioinformatics, Software development, Human proteins

Dr. Bolong Huang

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China.

Expertise: Inverse designing, Energy transfer materials, Modulations, Bioimaging, Biotechnology

Dr. Walter Filgueira de Azevedo Junior

University in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Expertise: Computer simulations, Protein-ligand interactions, Algorithms, Molecular docking simulations, Biological problems

Dr. Bartlomiej Zagrodny

Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Expertise: Biomechanics, Thermography, Mathematical modelling, Muscle Mechanics

Dr. Alaa Eldin Bayoumi

Ain Shams University, Egypt

Expertise: Toxicology, Pesticide Chemistry, Pest control, Biochemistry, Biopesticides, Ecotoxicology

Dr. Ngai Sai Ming

The Chinese university of Hong Kong

Expertise: Bioinformatics and Proteomics, Protein/peptide structural and functional studies, Research and development on Modern Chinese Medicine

Dr. Perumal Subramanian

Annamalai University,India

Expertise: Cancer Biology, Molecular Chronobiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology

Dr. Luigi Anastasia

University of Milan, Italy.

Expertise: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, Organic Chemistry

Dr. Kelin Xia

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Expertise: Mathematical modeling of biomolecules, Topological data analysis, Elliptic interface problem

Dr. Tim Xing

Carleton University, Canada

Expertise: Ligand-receptor recognition, Protein-protein interaction, Large scale signaling analysis, Protein kinases, Molecular plant-microbe interaction, Genomics, Phospho-proteomics

Dr. Shahper Nazeer Khan

Aligarh Muslim University, India

Expertise: Molecular Modeling, Biotechnology, High throughput screening, Cancer Epigenetics, Drug Resistance, Immunogenetics

The exceptional editorial board members have been amassed for this summit. Every editorial board member was chosen in view of their individual specialized topic and capacity to convey right information.