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Editorial Board Members

Dr. Erna Milunka Kojic

Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, USA

Expertise: Immune reconstitution syndrome, Antiretroviral therapy, HIV diagnosis and quantification, Human papillomavirus and trichomonas

Dr. E. Doyle McCarthy

Fordham University, USA

Expertise: Social psychology, Emotions studies, Social and cultural theory, Theories of identity and ethnographic

Dr. Manoj Pardasani

Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service, USA

Expertise: Gerontology, Prevention and treatment models hiv, Community-based Mental Health Practice

Dr. Serena Judith Jerry D’Souza

NARI, India

Expertise: Bone Aging during HIV Infection, Human Locomotor System

Dr. Ming-Chieh Shun

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Expertise: Primate lentiviruses, Molecular pathogenesis, Antivirals, Hiv and Siv

Dr. Walter O. Mwanda

University of Nairobi, Kenya

Expertise: Infection associated malignancies, Kaposi s Sarcoma, Burkitts lymphoma, Pediatrics malignancies

Dr. Dhanashree D. Jagtap

National AIDS Research Institute, India

Expertise: Early infant diagnosis of HIV, Host restriction factors, Structure & function of peptides & proteins, HIV & other diagnostics, Delineating host restriction factor genotypes

Dr. Musie Ghebremichael

Harvard Medical School, USA

Expertise: Biostatistics, HIV/AIDS, clinical trials, survival and longitudinal analyses

Dr. Abhijit Vasantrao Kadam

National AIDS Research Institute

Expertise: Medicine, Herbal drugs, Anti retroviral therapy, HIV drug resistance

Dr. Vijay Nema

National AIDS Research Institute, India

Expertise: Bacterial and mycological infections related with HIV, Tuberculosis, Drug development, Gut microbial communities related to HIV

Dr. Deepa N. Talreja

Tufts University, USA

Expertise: Optimization of protein delivery in ocular complications, Novel therapeutic approaches in gene therapy, Host pathogen interactions

Dr. Tahziba Hussain

Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR), India

Expertise: HIV infection, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes among TB patients, Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS Hepatitis B Hepatitis C and STDs by ELISA, VDRL infections, Estimation of CD4+, CD8+ cell counts and CD4/CD8, Serological techniques

Mr. Usman Waheed

National Blood Transfusion Programme, Ministry of Health, Pakistan

Expertise: Blood Transfusion, HIV, Immunohematology, Blood Grouping, Crossmatching, Transfusion Medicine, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry.

Dr. Shittu Rasaki Olatunji

National Open University, Nigeria

Expertise: Family Medicine, Infectious Disease

Dr. Philipos Petros

Ethiopian Universities Partnership Forum

Expertise: Sexual and reproductive health, HIV and STDs Prevention, HIV Transmission and Prevention policies and strategies, Responses to HIV/AIDS /STD problems, HIV Drug Discovery and Research, Primary HIV Infection, HIV Diagnosis and Therapy, HIV Related opportuni

Dr. Vandana Saxena

National AIDS Research Institute, India

Expertise: Th17 and TFH cells, Immune mechanism(s) involved during HIV infection, MicroRNAs in HIV immunology

Dr. Pham Minh Khu

Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam

Expertise: HIV, HBV, HCV, STIs, Drug users, workers

Ramendra K. Singh

University of Allahabad,India

Expertise: Drug development against HIV/AIDS, HPV, JEV & Cervical Cancer ,DNA & RNA structure/modification and Biophysical studies, Fluorescent reporter groups & labelling of drugs/oligonucleotides

Eleonora Cunha Veiga Costa

Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal

Expertise: Health Psychology, Women's Health, Health Promotion ,Public Health, Psychosexual health in Women ,Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Childhood trauma, Trauma and health, Depression Stress and Resources Conservation, Behavioural Change Theories and Practice

Dr. Rashmi Kandwal

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Expertise: Data analytics, Public health research, visualization, Geographical Information Systems, Spatial epidemiology, Healthcare research and analytics, market analytics and data modelling

Dr. Yolanda Pastor

University of Valencia, Spain

Expertise: Health promotion and prevention in adolescence and youth, Psychosocial community programs,Stereotypes about AIDS, Psychosocial determinants of health risk behavior

Dr. Rosemberg O. Soares

Cidade Universitaria, Brazil

Expertise: Modeling and Molecular Dynamics of HIV proteins, Virtual Drug Design against HIV, HIV drug resistance Computational Studies, Biostatistic

Dr. Maria C Goite

Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, Venezuela

Expertise: Compounds design, Development of inorganic complexes, NMR characterization, Compounds oriented for the evaluation in HIV, Compounds oriented for the evaluation in Viral and Bacterial infections related with HIV

Dr. Anjali Joshi

Texas Tech University , USA

Expertise: Veterinary Medicine ,Veterinary Virology ,Immunology,Retrovirus Assembly

Dr. Olorunfemi Emmanuel Amoran


Expertise: Major areas of focus in Community Medicine and Reproductive Health include Interventions in Treatment, Care and Support Screening for Diseases, Behavioural Change Communication, Investigation of Risk factors for Communicable Diseases

Dr. William Castro

Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research

Expertise: Design of new compounds with biological activity, evaluation of target of action in several pathologies, DNA interactions, Public health research, Drug development against cancer, malaria and HIV/AIDS

Dr. Marie Chollier

Clinical psychologist, Sexologist

Expertise: Retrospective and Qualitative Studies, Sexual Health, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Intervention, Forensic sexology

Dr. Anand Kondapi

University of Hyderabad, India

Expertise: Molecular Therapeutics, HIV, Cancer, Neurodegeneration, Drug delivery, Nanotechnology

Dr. Seyedahmad Seyedalinaghi

Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran, Iran

Expertise: HIV/AIDS, STIs, Addiction, Prison Health, Mental Health

Dr. Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Malaysia

Expertise: pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical policy, clinical pharmacoeconomics, non-prescription medication, generic pharmaceutical policy analysis

Dr. Lisam Shanjukumar Singh

Department of Biotechnology, india

Expertise: Molecular mechanism of cancermetastasis, Nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, Finding of anticancer phyto-compounds, HIV molecular epidemiology of Manipur

Dr. Dawit Wolday

Medical Biotech Laboratory,Ethiopia

Expertise: Pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) and neglected infectious diseases (NIDs), clinical research and evidence-based medicine,global health

Dr. Youchun Wang

National Institutes for Food and Drug

Expertise: HIV epidemiology, establishing and evaluating assays for detection of cellular and humoral immunoresponse to HIV infection

Dr. Marcin Rzeszutek

University of Warsaw


Dr. Julien van Grevenynghe

Université de Rennes I, France

Expertise: Deregulations in inflammation and metabolism, Tryptophan metabolism, Elite controllers

Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh

Dr. Masum Billah

Expertise: TB-HIV, TB Infectio-n control, Public Health, Health economics, Health Management ,Public Private Partnership

Dr. Masum Billah

Dhaka International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Expertise: Epidemiology, Public Health, Disaster Management, Environmental Science, Migration

Dr. Mabayoje Victor Olatunji


Expertise: HIV/AIDS, Hepatic viral coinfections (B,C,D,E) with HIV, Effect of multiple viral infections on the hepatic system, Open access data

Dr. Andrei N Vzorov

D.I. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Russia

Expertise: Indetermining HIV-1 tropism, Using Envglycoproteins from a CD4-independent HIV-1, induce a broader neutralization activity and avidity, developing HIV vaccines with enhanced efficacy

Dr. Partha Roy

Army College of Medical Sciences (ACMS) , Base Hospital Delhi Cantt India

Expertise: Molecular virology including establishment and optimisation of molecular protocols and interpretation of viral assays especially HIV, HBV and HCV including genotyping. Interested in molecular detection of respiratory pathogens and detection of MTB dru

Francesca Caccuri

The University of Brescia, Italy

Expertise: Vaccine development; Immunology, Gene therapy, Cancer and its biological basis, Anticancer therapy, Angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis Lymphoma, HIV/AIDS, AIDS related diseases Intracellular signaling pathways

Dr. Ram Naresh

Harcourt Butler Technical University,Kanpur, India

Expertise: Mathematical Modelling of Environmental & Ecological systems, Mathematical Epidemiology, Transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS, Nonlinear Dynamics

Dr. Wilailak Ounjit (Laila)

Mahasarakham University, Thailand

Expertise: Sexual behavior, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, Sexual Relationships, Adolescents, MSM


Senior lecturer, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe

Expertise: Host-pathogen interactions, Bioactivity of natural products (including malaria research), HIV Drug Discovery, Bioenergy, Bioremediation, Cell biology.

Dr V O Mabayoje

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria

Expertise: Hepatitis C Virus, Types of Anaemia, Liver Transaminases, Immunological Markers, HIV Patients

The exceptional editorial board members have been amassed for this summit. Every editorial board member was chosen in view of their individual specialized topic and capacity to convey right information.