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Editorial Board Members

Dr. Majid Moshirfar

University of California, USA

Expertise: Refractive surgery, LASIK, Miniature telescopic implants, corneal transplant, cornea/external disease

Dr. Anand Bhatt

University of California, USA

Expertise: Glaucoma filtration surgery, Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, Cataract surgery, Refractive surgery

Dr. Gorkem Bilgin

Hacettepe University Beytepe Hospital, Turkey

Expertise: Neurophtalmologic diseases, Relation between sleep apnea and neurophtalmologic diseases, Relation between sleep apnea and glaucoma

Dr. Allister G. Gibbons

University of Miami, USA

Expertise: Cataracts, Corneal Transplants, Keratoprosthesis, Intraocular Lens Surgery, Dry Eye and Ocular Surface

Dr. Lingkun Kong

Baylor College of Medicine, US

Expertise: Gene regulation of retinal development, retinopathy of prematurity

Dr. Wendy W. Lee

University of Miami, USA

Expertise: Aesthetic applications in oculoplastic surgery, Orbital tumors, Eyelid reconstruction

Dr. Surendar Dwarakanathan

Cook County Health and Hospitals System, USA

Expertise: Resident Education, Cornea/External Disease/Complex Cataract

Dr. Kamran M. Riaz

The University of Chicago, USA

Expertise: Femtosecond laser and intraocular lens implants,Management of dry eye, lid margin disease and ocular surface disease, Endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK, DMEK) Complex cataract surgery

Dr. Helene Kaiser

Salus University-Pennsylvania College of Optmetry, USA

Expertise: Primary care, Computer vision/digital eye strain, Industrial vision and quality assurance in patient care

Dr. Miranda Bishara

University of Kansas Medical Center, USA

Expertise: Cataracts, Intraocular Lens (IOL, Cornea and External Disease, Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

Dr. George Par

Wolfe Eye Clinic, USA

Expertise: Clinical research, Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration (NVAMD) patients, Membrane peeling for epiretinal membrane

Dr. Bisant Labib

Salus University, USA

Expertise: Ocular disease , Systemic diseases with ocular manifestations

Dr. Jarett Mazzarella

Salus University, USA

Expertise: Carotid occlusive disease and the eye, Duel sensory impairment, Primary eye care

Dr. Khathutshelo Percy Mashige

University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Expertise: Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Optometry and Visual Science

Dr. Anny M. Cheng

Florida International Univeristy, USA

Expertise: ocular surface diseases (amniotic membrane transplantation, dry eye disease, pterygium, conjunctivochalasis and demodex belpharitis), Oculoplastics (thyroid eye disease and orbital surgery)

Dr. John McGreal

University of Missouri, USA

Expertise: Cataract surgery, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Primary care

Dr. Alissa Coyne

Salus University, USA

Expertise: Ocular disease, Emergency eye care, Ocular pharmacology

Dr. Cheung Janice Jing Chee

The University of Hong Kong, China

Expertise: Oculoplastic, Reconstructive surgery

Dr. Xiaomin Zhang

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital & Eye Institute, China

Expertise: Ocular Inflammation, Immunology

Dr. Muh-Shy Chen

Fu-Jen Catholic University,Taiwan-Republic of China

Expertise: Medical and surgical retina

Dr. Mei-Ju Chen

Director, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan-Republic of China.

Expertise: Glaucoma,Laser Iridotomy,angle-closure glaucoma,Open-angle glaucoma

Dr. Qiutang Li

Associate Professor, University of Louisville, USA

Expertise: Cellular mechanisms that underlie eye development, Ocular tissue homeostasis and pathogenesis,Understanding, preventing and treatment of eye diseases

Dr. Minzhong Yu

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, USA

Expertise: Retinal degeneration, Clinical/Experimental electrophysiology of vision

Dr. Amar Sayani

Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry, Florida

Expertise: Amblyopia, Strabismus, Sports vision, Traumatic brain injury

Dr. Mohamed A Hussein

Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital, USA

Expertise: Amblyopia, Retinopathy of prematurity

Dr. Rola N Hamam

Associate Professor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Expertise: Uveitis epidemiology, Treatment of non-infectious & infectious uveitis, Treatment of retinal diseases

Dr Bhubanananda Sahu

Research associate, University of Louisville, USA

Expertise: Genetics and mechanistic, Edge molecular biology, Biochemistry ,Genetics techniques, Molecular pathways,Retinoid homeostasis,retinal-pigmented epithelium

The exceptional editorial board members have been amassed for this summit. Every editorial board member was chosen in view of their individual specialized topic and capacity to convey right information.