Dr.Roberto Gramignoli

Dr.Roberto Gramignoli |Clyto Access

Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Keynote Speaker


Dr Gramignoli’s research efforts have always been focused on human liver biology, pathology and disease, and in particular, in human liver cells (hepatocytes) transplantation as an alternative treatment to liver diseases. He completed his post-graduate studies in Medical Genetics and Ph.D. program in Translational Medicine from University of Milan and Milan-Bicocca (Italy), respectively. He spent several years at University of Pittsburgh performing studies lead to develop methods and techniques aimed to improve isolation of human hepatocytes and to maintain their function during time required for clinical infusions. In 2012 he moved to Karolinska Institutet where, in addition to his preclinical and clinical interest in liver cell therapies, he has been recruited to continue his studies on human hepatocytes generated by stemness sources and, in particular, on amnion epithelial cell isolation and transplantation as alternative cellular clinical approach for liver disease.




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