Dr. Yung-Kang Shen

Dr. Yung-Kang Shen |Clyto Access

Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Advanced medical polymer, Tissue engineering, Micro/nano technology, Computer aided manufacturing technology, Optical- electronic module

Dr. Yung-Kang Shen received his PhD from the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, in 1995. He has been a Professor of the School of Dental Technology at Taipei Medical University (TMU) since 2014. He was  an Acting Chairman of the School of Dental Technology of TMU, the Director of Bio-Medical Nano/Micro Forming Lab of TMU, the Researcher of Nano Tissue Engineering and Image Research Center of Taipei Medical  University Hospital, the Researcher of the Department of Otolaryngology of Taiwan Adventist Hospital and the Member of the Council of SME Taipei Chapter and general secretary of Taiwan Society for Abrasive  Technology.Dr. Shen has served as a Visiting Professor at Changchun University of Science and Technology, China. His research includes biomedical nano/micro forming technology, medical bionics design and manufacturing, mold manufacturing, anodic aluminum oxide, scaffold fabrication for cell culture and animal test, computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing. He has published more than 100 journal  papers and 60 conference papers. Dr. Shen was awarded the Best Paper Award for the 3rd International Forum on Systems and Mechatronics in Singapore in 2010. He was also awarded the First Prize in Poster Presentation Award for the 2nd Research Week  International Symposium 2012 of COM on Dental Technology, Oral Health Care and Biomedical Device at Taipei in 2012.

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