Dr. Virgilio Correcher Delgado

Dr. Virgilio Correcher Delgado |Clyto Access

Researcher, CIEMAT, Spain

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Food Irradiation, Radiation Dosimetry, Spectral emission, Minerals, Material Characterization, Physics and chemistry of natural materials

Dr. Virgilio received his PhD in Physics (2003) and MSc in Chemistry (1994) from Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. His research focuses (1990-date) on the study of food irradiation dosimetry and related methods by means of the thermo luminescence properties of natural materials. The main aim of his study consists on the radiation effect (involving UV-C and ionizing radiation) on the physical properties of silicates (adhered to herbs, seasonings, spices, vegetables, etc.), phosphates (bones) or carbonates (shells) in order to detect irradiated food. His main task is currently developed at CIEMAT, Spain where he has participated in more than 30 Research and Development projects and contracts giving rise to more than 100 SCI papers.

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