Dr. Thomas Ryzlewicz

Dr. Thomas Ryzlewicz |Clyto Access

ViaMedis Dialysis Center, Germany

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Medical Technology resp. Dialysis Technology


Born 1948 in West-Berlin (Germany). School, Study and the first two clinics also in West-Berlin. Two years Physiologic Institute in Berlin (Circulation, Acid-Base-Status). Start working in the first Dialysis Centre 1974.

Consultant at the Nephrology in Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany) from 1985 to 1992. Senior Consultant at the Nephrology in Ebersberg (Munich, Germany) for the following 10 years.

In 2001 realisation of an own idea: A Bloodline for Dialysis with a very much reduced contact between Blood and Air in order to reduce the Sheer-Stress of the RBC’s in the Single-Fibre-Capillary of a Dialyzer. So the RBC’s will have much longer living  ⇒  EPO dosage reduction.  -  In order to reach this target, it was better to leave a Dialysis Provider because of conflicting interests. In 2006 an own Company (> BHR medical GmbH) with a Bio-Physicist and an Economist for Dialysis. In 2007 first patent submitted. In 2010 EU Patent granted, in 2011 US Patent granted. In 2011 Effeemme Company in Cigliano / Milano had become Patent User. Also in 2011 Joint Venture with Brook Henderson Group (Reading, London)  ⇒  Oxyless Ltd. (Reading, London,  ⇒  Oxyless-Bloodline). In 2013 successful Pilot Study at King’s College Hospital (London). Since 2015 PEMA Audit (from London) with the Oxyless Line (2 Centres, up to today 200 Patients). First PEMA commitment at WCN in South Africa (04/2015) by Prof. Ian Macdouggall, commitment at EDTA London (05/2015) by Macdougall. Poster accepted and will presented at ASN kidney week 2015, commitment by Macdougal too.

Since 2006 Holiday Dialysis in summer in Lana / Merano (Alto Adige, Italy, DTZ Group) and in winter ViaMedis Dialysis Centre in Riesa (Germany, near Dresden, ViaMedis Group).

In the Long-Run, my special interests belonged to the Prototypes of different Dialysis Monitors in order to improve the facilities of this treatment (AFB, continuous Dialysis, Hemofiltration, 2 Prototypes of online-Hemofiltration 1983 – 1985, online-HDF/HF (> first Monitor in Germany), Albumin-Dialysis – MARS-System ⇒ liver coma patients, my contribution: introduction of the sterile cvvH-System for these severe ill patients) due to my mechanical interests.

Invited for 14 years into the Afternoon for Engineers (Erfurt, Germany, Dialysis Technology). There I presented in 2004 the concept of my mentioned bloodline with big reduction between blood and air.

Private Mechanical Interests realized in Sailing (45 years, 470 Small Boat and Soling Yacht) and in Motor Cars (12 years, Engine and Chassis Tuning).

Registered in LinkedIn and Research Gate.

Thomas Ryzlewicz MD, Nephrologist

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