Dr. Rob Krams

Dr. Rob Krams |Clyto Access

Imperial College, London

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Molecular mechanism, Bioengineering, Synthetic biology, Medical Physics, Molecular imaging


Professor Krams holds a Chair in Molecular Bioengineering at Imperial College, London. Prior to joining Imperial College he worked as Associate Professor in the department Bioengineering, Thoraxcentre Rotterdam, the Netherlands and as associate professor/chair in the department of Medical Physics, Free University in Amsterdam.  He received his Medical Degree and Ph.D. from the Free University, Amsterdam in 1989.His research is focussed on the molecular mechanism underlying biomechanical stimuli. To that end he uses a combination of engineering techniques (imaging, systems biology and synthetic biology) and molecular techniques (high throughput, qPCR, life cell imaging) to study the interaction of gene expression and shear stress and wall stress on cells in culture and in whole animals.

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