Dr. Jugun Prakash Chinta

Dr. Jugun Prakash Chinta |Clyto Access

Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, India


Expertise: Bio-inorganic chemistry, Biosensors, Molecular recognition, Optoelectronics, Supermolecular chemistry


Dr. Jugun Prakash Chinta received his Master’s degree in chemistry (2004) from Andhra University and doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (Mumbai, India) in 2011. He was a postdoctoral fellow at The Institute of Chemistry, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) during 2012–2014. Currently, he is a DST-INSPIRE Faculty at CSIR-Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (Bhavnagar, India). His research interests include the development of optical sensors for biologically important analytes and metal complexes as therapeutic agents. Dr. Jugun Prakash has published a good number of articles and participated in many International and national conferences. Dr. Jugun has more than 10 years of research experiences and received many honors and awards in the field of science and technology.

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