Dr. John Tarlton

Dr. John Tarlton |Clyto Access

University of Bristol, UK

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Animal health and welfare, Regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, stem cell biology, Biomechanics, Bone and joint disease, Mechanisms of discogenic back pain, Tissue repair, Collagen biochemistry, Colitis

Bio: Dr. John Tarlton was awarded PhD in 1998 for research identifying mechanisms of cancer spread. since then he worked in connective tissuebiology, in areas including bone and joint disease, wound healing, colitis, animal welfare andregenerative medicine. My research has attracted major research funding from BBSRC, DEFRA, Arthritis Research UK, NERC, and Action Medical Research, totalling over £8million over the last ten years. He is currently head of the Matrix Biology Research Group. His current interests is in how musculoskeletal disorders affect the health and welfare of animals, particularly livestock species. His present grant funded research amounts to over £2million, and is examining how intensification of livestock production effects welfare in dairy cattle and laying hens, and how this might be alleviated.

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