Dr. Innocenzo Muzzalupo

Dr. Innocenzo Muzzalupo |Clyto Access


Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Polyploid plants of olive, Food Biotechnology, Transcriptome sequencing, Flavonoids, Anthocyanins


Dr Innocenzo Muzzalupo has received degree in “Biology” from the University of Calabria in 1993 and received his Ph.D. degree (1997) in “Chemistry” from the University of “La Sapienza” Rome. Currently, he is working as CREA – OFA in Italy. After receiving his Ph.D. degree, he was appointed as post-doctoral (1999) in “Food Science” at the University of Calabria. Between 1999 and 2008 he had a contract as professor of “Botany” at the University of Calabria. Following eight years of extensive research on olive characterization and on olive oil quality, in 2008 he was appointed as a researcher at CREA. His research areas include olive germplasm characterization, olive genes characterization, and analytical methods for olive oil traceability and olive oil quality.

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