Dr. Henglong Xu

Dr. Henglong Xu |Clyto Access

Ocean University of China, China

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Microbial ecology, Ecological methodology, Aquatic ecosystems

Dr. Henglong Xu is a researcher at the University of China, China, specializing in the microbial ecology, ecological methodology and environmental sciences in aquatic ecosystems. He obtained his BSc. (Biology) in 1985 and MSc. (Zoology) in 1990 at the Zhandong Normal University, Ph.D. (Microbial Ecology) in 2004 at the Ocean University of China, China. He is director of the Chinese Protozoological Society and referee member of the international journals such as “Progress in Oceanography”, “Science of the Total Environment”, “Microbial Ecology”, “Environmental Science and Pollution Research”, “Marine Pollution Bulletin” and “Oceanologia”

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