Dr. Francisco Artés-Hernández

Dr. Francisco Artés-Hernández |Clyto Access

Associate Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Food Processing, Food Quality, Food Preservation, Food Microbiology and Safety, Antioxidant Activity

Bio: Dr. Francisco is an Agronomical Engineer and recieved his PhD in Food Engineering. He is an Associate Professor on Food Technology and the Head of the Postharvest & Refrigeration Group of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain), where he chairs the Doctorate Program on Advanced Techniques for Research and Development in Food and Agriculture. His research interest is focused in the improvement and development of eco-friendly postharvest technologies to preserve / enhance quality and safety of whole, fresh-cut and minimally processed fruit and vegetables. He has participated in several European and National Research Programs and R&D Projects with companies. He has published over 65 manuscripts in high impact journals listed in the SCI and several patents. He has participated in many company Engineering Projects. He collaborates with national and international groups, especially in R&D and teaching activities.

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