Dr. Devesh S Rastogi

Dr. Devesh S Rastogi |Clyto Access

Sr. Principal Scientist, Central Food Technological Research Institute, India

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Food Engineering and Food Technology, Chemical Technology, Biotechnology, Marketing and Personnel Management, Maintenance and Systems Management


Dr. Navin K. Rastogi received his PhD in Food Engineering and B.Tech. in Chemical & Food Technology. Currently, he is working in the Department of Food Engineering at Central Food Technological Research Institute, India. His research areas are Nonthermal processing (high pressure processing, pulse electric field), membrane processing (osmotic distillation, forward osmosis, and liquid membranes), osmotic dehydration, deep fat frying, process optimization and modeling, gamma-irradiation, bioprocess engineering (aqueous two-phase extraction, reverse micellar extraction), product development. He has recieved several honors and awards in the field of Food engineering. He has authored of more than 150 publications 18 Patents, 15 Book chapters and 15 Technical Reviews. He is serving as an editorial member and expert reviewers of several reputed journals like Journal of Food Engineering, Journal of Engineering and The Scientific World Journal etc.

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