Dr. Darshan Sharma

Dr. Darshan Sharma |Clyto Access

Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA)

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Project management, Pre breeding, Genetics, Agronomy, Wheat, Canola, wheat phenology, screenings, phenology model, MyPaddock, sodicity, cropping system


Dr. Darshan Sharma is currently working with Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA). He manages the Genetic Improvement portfolio which includes several wheat and barley sub-projects. His pre-breeding work ultimately delivers superior crop varieties developed in collaboration with breeding companies and industry partners. Areas of research in these sub-projects include adaptation, disease resistance and tolerance to abiotic stresses of frost, drought, pH, salinity and sodicity. He also conducts research to improve crop productivity and profitability of grain based cropping systems in Western Australia using genetic and agronomic innovations. Using selection and crossing program, He is trying to develop wheat lines suitable for growing on sodic, magnesic and dispersive soils. His research on quinoa involves both genetic and agronomy work as the crop is new and little is known about its performance and adaptability in WA.

He has nearly 30 years experience in agricultural research and industy development. His experience comprises R&D activities and project management. He worked as a wheat breeder for 10 years and then for a shortwhile as a tea breeder in India. Since migrated to Australia, He conducted crop agronomy and genetics research in the Western Australian grainbelt. His management experience consists of managing research projects and coordinating intellectual property.

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