Dr. Christina Skjoldebrand

Dr. Christina Skjoldebrand |Clyto Access

Professor, Lund University, Sweden

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Food Science, Food Processing, Functional Food, Food Engineering, Measurement/Sensors on-line techniques in the food industry


Dr. Christina Skjoldebrand received her Ph.D. (1979) in Food Engineering from Lund University, Sweden and MBA (Master of Business Administration)(1987) from Goteborg University, Sweden. She worked about 15 years for managing the food engineering group and the food engineering research at SIK- The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (Sweden) Today called SP Food and Bioscience. During that time she focused on new heating techniques for food and sensors on-line. Dr. Christina has worked at the Nestlé research centre in Switzerland and she has been an employee at ABB and Food Manager at Krinova Science Park in Kristianstad. The open innovations process “Creative Food Business” was created while she was at ABB and is still a used process in the Swedish Food Industry. She has been managing the editorial staff of the food magazine Livsmedel and initiated the company Food Radar and ViscoSens. She was awarded the Swedish Food Industry Prize in 1997. She has since 2003 been working with projects on traceability in the food value chain at the division of packaging logistics, Department of Design Sciences. She has since 2003 been adjoint professor at Lund University in Food Engineering.

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