Dr. Bhagat Singh

Dr. Bhagat Singh |Clyto Access

Harvard Medical School Boston, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Pathophysiology, Neurobiology, Neurosurgery, Neurochemistry.


I work on pathophysiology and neurobiology of pain and nervous system degeneration and regeneration in both peripheral and central nervous system (CNS) at FM Kirby Neurobiology Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston. I am dedicated to identify novel cellular and molecular mechanisms of axon regeneration in the CNS utilizing peripheral nervous system as a model system. My research on these areas of research generated 18 publications with more than 450 citations since 2010. Specifically, I identified that PTEN is responsible for poor growth of diabetic nerves (Brain, 2014), and electrical stimulation enhances peripheral nerve regeneration after injury in normal (Journal of Neurosurgery, 2012) and during diabetes (Neurobiology of Disease, 2015). I also identified that insulin receptor is present in sensory neuronal nuclei and insulin resistance occur during type 1 and type 2 diabetes (Journal of Neurochemistry, 2012). Using CAST mice as a mouse model of successful regeneration in CNS (Neuron, 2015), we recognized Ascl1 as a novel target for enhanced regeneration in this mouse model (Cell reports, 2017). Recently, I have been using human sensory, motor and cortical neurons to screen library of small molecules to identify novel drug targets for CNS regeneration and degeneration.

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