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Crop Residues and It’s Management

Ms. Isha Thakur

This presentation shows the statistics of crop residue production in India and how it is wasted in large quantities. It describes the problems and causes of improper management of crop residues. Mainly, the problem is in Northern states of India like Punjab and Haryana. No proper utilization of crop residues is seen, instead it is burnt which ultimately creates health and environmental hazards. This practice not only dries the soil moisture but also kills the friendly soil microbes. Proper management of Crop residues can play an important role in stabilizing as well as increasing the level of soil organic carbon. Alternatively, crop residues like straw, grain dust and fruit residues can be used in production of biofuels like bioethanol, biomethanol, biodiesel, bio-oil components etc. Also, methods for management of crop residues in surplus are described in this presentation. The results show that health hazards and threat to biodiversity can be prevented. At last, the main and foremost focus is on benefit of farmers by contributing in increasing their income

Published: 08 November 2017


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