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Creating An Awareness on Consumers Regarding Waste Minimization In Malaysia


Malaysia with her Vision 2020, poses a challenge to local authorities charged with managing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), reflects the culture that it produces and affects the environment and the health of the people who by discarding waste with its complex compositions, should be more proactive with their disposal. Since 2007, MSW governance has come under the Department of Solid Waste Management (JPSPN) and the Solid Waste And Public Cleansing Authority (PPSPPA), under the Ministry of Urban Well Being, Housing and Local Government Malaysia, Since this is a qualitative research, only research questions are used.This research aims at studying the impact of education, promotion, knowledge, awareness, reference group and enforcing the laws and regulations on the intention to minimize waste which will eventually explore a changed behavior of consumers on minimizing MSW in Malaysia.The aim of this study is to assess, evaluate and inculcate the behavioral pattern of consumers in regard to waste minimization. This study embarks on the following objectives,to assess deficiencies in current regulatory frameworks and market mechanisms which prevent effective domestic waste minimisation mechanisms that will benefit the consumers, to evaluate the communal participation in waste minimisation measures in existing consumer culture in waste management measures carried out by governmental institutions and to inculcate an in- depth knowledge to the consumer the importance of waste minimization through incentives, failing which, enforcing the laws and regulationseffectively. Data collection is done by using random sampling techniques and interview sessions with the consumers and the industries in Klang Municipal Council, Selangor, Malaysia as a sample set and a remarkable result was achieved to show that still 80% of the consumers are unaware of the importance of waste minimization.Hence,to conclude, the awareness to minimize MSW will eventually be achieved through the various manners as mentioned above.

Published: 01 August 2017