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Building Value Chain of Trust - Farm to Table

Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya

Indian economy since 1970s has been built on indirectly subsidizing food markets for benefiting the urban customers, by creating artificial mechanisms of price control and complex web of subsidies. These mechanisms pushed the farm economy in a direction of unsustainable farm practices leading to the current plight of the farmers (more than 2000 farmers leaving farming and 15 committing suicide every single day for over a decade now). Farm distress caused farmers to adopt high-input, un-sustainable and unhealthy farm practices resulting in contaminated food which could be a health hazard. Contaminated food, unhealthy post-harvesting technologies have resulted in hazardous (as well as banned) substances entering in our food chain. If the growing number of cancer cases is indicative enough, it would not be alarming to say today that the sacred trust between producers and customer has been broken. Ekgaon has been working for over a decade with farmers for helping them adopt sustainable and organic farm practices. Ekgaon is now adopting technologies led approach to re-build the value chain of trust to make natural, organic ‘Direct from Farm’ products reach the customers.

Published: 08 November 2017


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