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Brain-stem death and Organ Transplantation in the Laws of UAE

Dr. Fawzi Benomran,
Director, Forensic Medicine Department, Dubai

Dr. Fawzi Benomran is the Director of the Department of Forensic Medicine at Dubai Police General Headquarters and Professor of Forensic Medicine at Dubai Medical College, UAE. He joined the department of Forensic Medicine in Glasgow University in September 1980. He became a senior lecturer and head of department of Forensic Medicine at the faculty of medicine in the University of Benghazi. He attended many international and national conferences and published a few papers.

The definition of death and the subject of Organ Transplantation have been addressed in Law No. 4 of 2016, and Law No. 5 of 3016. Law No. 4 of 2016 replaced a pre-existing Law, namely Law No. 10 of 2008.The decision to stop artificial ventilation is closely related to the subject of organ donation. In that regard, Articles 10 of law No. 4 prohibited Active Euthanasia in its first paragraph and legalized brain death in the second paragraph. Article 11, on the other hand, legalized to an extent passive Euthanasia. Law No. 5, organized organ donation and transplantation. Of note, the establishment of a National Center of Organ Transplantation, prohibition of selling of human tissue and organs, and the right of the family to consent for the donation of organs from their deceased relative. An overview of the laws and related statutory Rules and Articles would be discussed and explained.

Published: 28 April 2017