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Barriers to Access Healthy Food

Mr. Kamal Deep Singh

As the country inches its way out of the great recession and seeks to grow a more sustainable and equitable economy, ensuring that healthy food is accessible to all is crucial. Without access to healthy food, a nutritious diet and good health is out of reach. Accessing healthy food is a challenge to many families, particularly those living in low income neighbourhoods, communities of color and rural areas. Limited access to healthy food also plagues many rural communities and small towns, where population losses and economic changes have diminished food retail option. Even in agricultural centers where fruits and vegetables are being grown, residents may not have a retail outlet nearby. Many of the communities that lack healthy food retailers are also oversaturated with fast food restaurants, liquor stores and other sources of inexpensive, processed food with little to no nutritional value. It can be hard to eat healthy foods when fast food, vending machine snacks and processed foods are so easy to find at cheap rate. Another barrier is lack of knowledge and education for low income individuals. Low income people are not aware about organic and fresh food products. They prefer easy and cheap method to get food. Moreover they have lack of cultural values and lifestyle. Some products are not available in small stores so one has to travel more distance and it will cause transportation cost which is not affordable by low income families .Cost of vegetables and fruit rose 120% between 1985 and 2000, while the price of junk food went up less than 50% on average. Healthy food results in good progress. Living closer to healthy food retail is associated with better eating habits and decreased risk for obesity and diet related diseases. Research shows that access to fresh and healthy food is one of the several factors that can contribute to better eating habits and positive health outcomes. Over the past 20 years with more than 300 studies completed most researchers have found that people who live in better access to healthy food environment also have better health. This poster would basically be an analysis of the long term and short term impacts of barriers to access healthy food. The poster would contain an overview of how barriers really affect the life and economy of nation. It would also show as to why the farming sector should be using organic farming for achieving the sustainable development of agriculture and as a result helping to reduce the barriers to access healthy food.

Published: 08 November 2017


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