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The Asian Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

The Asian journal of Lifestyle Medicine, founded in 2019. TAJ-LM is the official journal of the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. TAJ-LM aims to establish good Lifestyle practices as health and wellness by preventing or avoiding lifestyle related disorders. TAJ-LM has aim to generalize the knowledge of Lifestyle medicine and revolutionizing the healthcare system. TAJ-LM is a Quarterly based peer-review journal, which believes in treating the cause of disorder. Which cannot be restored by drugs and technology. This journal is devoted to the publication of Lifestyle, lifestyle diseases, clinical practices, epidemiology, nutritional science, exercise, sports medicine, behavioral sciences, women’s health, men’s health, cardiovascular science, mind body fitness, urology, sleeping disorders, Anxiety, depression, addictive disorders, Metabolic Disease, Allergies, respiratory functions, dermatology skin care, osteoarthritis.
Perceiving and tending to the effect that way of life choices and exercises have on wellbeing. Stressing the collaboration between customary treatments (for example pharmaceuticals, wholesome items, and so forth.) and way of life modalities to treat infection and accomplish predominant results. Featuring and giving data about treatments that limit the degree to which sickness impacts way of life.
As a feature of the accommodation procedure you will be required to confirm that you are presenting your unique work, that you have the rights in the work, that you are presenting the work for first distribution in the Journal and that it isn't being considered for production somewhere else and has not as of now been distributed somewhere else, and that you have gotten and can supply every single fundamental authorization for the propagation of any copyright works not possessed by you. TAJ-LM All papers are subjected to double blinded peer-review.

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The Asian Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

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