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Agriculture and Technology, an Unlikely Handshake ?

Nikhil Toshniwal,

No matter how advanced the technology but if it fails to reach out to the targeted Farmers. The question arises:
Q. Why is it hard to reach the farmers?
Q. Who are the targeted farmers?
Q. How is FarmGuide changing the game and connecting all the agri-stakeholder stakeholders. FarmGuide is a data driven Agri-Tech Company bridging information asymmetry in agriculture sector. We have identified that there isn’t any Farmer level data present in agriculture sector that can be used to reach and target them.
We serve the agricultural sector by:
1. Digitizing periodic agricultural processes and collect farmer level data.
2. Data analytics and Image processing
3. Crop advisory services to farmers.
With advancement and innovations in agriculture seed sector, it’s very important for input manufacturers to research market scope and address need of the farm sector through data, and for foreseeing impact of innovations at various platforms, it is equally important for a farmer to know the usage pattern and best practice advisories customised for his soil, seed, weather and profitability. We reach the farmers with Crop Advisory Information. FarmGuide provides pre-scheduled, pre-recorded & customized Crop advisory and contingency calls to farmers informing them about seeds/fertilizers /Agro-chemical/Government schemes/ weather updates specific to their farm coordinates.

Published: 08 November 2017


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