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Accurate reporting of chest radiographs by radiologists to detect lung cancer - A clinical Audit

Mr. Mahwish Karim,
Cumberland infirmary, United Kingdom

Background and Aim: Chest radiography is a valuable tool for diagnosing lung cancer. Plain chest radiograph is a noninvasive technique which delivers low radiation dose and is widely available. Accurate reporting of chest radiographs by radiologists in order to detect lung cancer at as early a stage as possible and suggests appropriate follow up improves quality of patient care. As per standards of Royal college of radiologists, lung lesions should be identified in 75% of chest X -rays and a follow up plan should be suggested in more than 95 % of chest x-rays. The aim of this audit was to assess accurate reporting of chest radiographs by radiologists to detect lung cancers.
Methods: This clinical audit was conducted in the department of –radiology, Cumberland infirmary hospital from –31/1/2016- to –15/2/2016--. All patients diagnosed with lung cancer during the study period were included in the study. Chest radiographs of all the adult patients were retrospectively reviewed which were issued within 12 months prior to the diagnosis. Chest x-rays reports were categorized as appropriate with lesions identified and reported as suspicious with further investigations suggestion. Inappropriate reports identified as alternative diagnosis and no further investigations suggested .Chest x-rays were reviewed and reported by radiologists. Data was collected on a preformed questionnaire. The study was approved by clinical audit department. All data was analyzed using Excel Microsoft 2010 version. Frequency was calculated for appropriate and inappropriate reports.
Results: Twenty five patients were diagnosed as having carcinoma lung during the study period. Chest X-rays were done for all these patients. (88%) of chest X-rays reported lung lesions. Follow-up plan was suggested in 86 %of reported chest X-rays with lesions.
Conclusion: This audit highlights that follow-up plan in chest X-ray reports did not meet the standard of Royal college of Radiologists. Reinforcement to advise appropriate further investigations when a lesion is identified on chest X-rays is required.

Published: 11 May 2017